10 Awesome Halloween Costume Ideas for Dogs

When it comes to Halloween costumes, there are as many for dogs as there are for people. Here are 10 ideas that’ll have your pup howling with delight.



1. Hot dogs and produce puppies

The canine as a hot dog is a Halloween classic — and for good reason. The hot dog suit is an adorable play on words and works so well for those wiener-shaped Dachshunds, but our pups aren’t limited to Frankenfurters if they want to go as food this Halloween. Why not dress your puppy as a pumpkin or a banana? If you want to add a little international flair to your canine costume menu, tacos and pasta are equally appetizing outfit ideas.

Dachshund dressed as a hot dog


2. Man’s best bug

Recent Halloweens have seen the humble but scary spider climb the waterspout of popularity when it comes to dog costumes. These adorable arachnid impostors are known to do well on YouTube, so keep your camera handy. Your bugged-out pup could end up going viral faster than you can sing “Spider Dog, Spider Dog.”


3. Super pups

This Halloween, it might seem like Iron Man, Captain America, and the Incredible Hulk have stepped off the big screen and into the dog park. Superheroes are taking over the pop culture world, and our dogs are not immune to their super influence! Help your pooch channel his inner Avenger, Spiderman, or Superman this year, and you’ll get more compliments on his suit than Tony Stark gets on his.

Dog dressed as a superhero


4. In a dog park far, far away

These aren’t the dogs you’re looking for — or are they? Costumes from the Star Wars universe are universally popular and can be tailored to different breeds. Furry-faced dogs make great Ewoks or Wookiees, while smaller dogs are perfect for the role of wise old Yoda.

Boston Terriers Grover and Pippin dressed as Princess Leia and Yoda, respectively.


5. Wigging out

Not all dogs will wear a wig, but if you’ve got a pup who embraces the long-locked look, consider your costuming opportunities limitless. A set of human-like hair on a cute dog head will make your four-legged friend an instant hit this Halloween, but you might end up with a doggie diva on your hands.

Chihuahua in a wig


6. Sports fanatics

Halloween is the perfect time for sports-obsessed pet parents to show off their team colors. A dog-sized jersey can go a long way into making your pup the MVP of trick or treating. With the right name across his back, your pup can be anyone from LeBron James to Tom Brady (just make sure all your squeak toys are fully inflated).

Dog in a football player costume


7. Switching species

It may not be the most obvious costume idea, but turning your dog into another animal will definitely turn heads. Lions, tigers, and bears are all great choices, but we’re not limited to mammals. Expand the net and consider frogs, ducks, and even fish for extra cuteness (although the cutest animal of all will always be the one under the costume).

Bulldog dressed as a black cat


8. The food chain

If going as another animal is cute, going as the meal of another animal is even cuter (in a kind of scary way). A jaunty little dog walking around with a fake snake, shark, or alligator feasting on his backside is a humorous costume choice that nods to the scary side of Halloween, without taking the fright too seriously.

Chihuahua in a shark costume


9. Horror movie hounds

If your household is all about the scares and screams of October 31, your dog may need an outfit that does take Halloween a little more seriously. For dogs who dabble in darkness, a classic horror movie look is the perfect fit. From Nightmare on Elm Street’s Freddy to Cujo’s Cujo, there’s a creepy character for every canine.

Dog dressed as a vampire


10. Pups as pop stars

From blood and gore to bubblegum pop — dressing your dog as a famous hit maker is a great way to make a costume party statement without being scary. Your dog can pull off the pop star look with one recognizable accessory. Elton John-style glasses or Michael Jackson’s iconic red jacket can put your pup on the best-dressed list this Halloween. Just don’t let him sing too much.

Beagle dressed as a pop star