5 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

Ok, let’s make some cat-persons seriously angry. Although we at buzz.dog don’t like to take sides as we love all animals equally, we do recognize certain benefits of having a canine friend over those bouncy but sly little furballs that are cats. Let’s go over a few of them, one by one.



1. Dogs Are Smarter And Not As Clumsy

Although this one is often debated, majority of animal lovers consider dogs to be smarter and more brisk than cats.

Despite the fact that cats can do some seriously awesome stunts and jumps, dogs are overall much easier to train, teach them new tricks, and you don’t exactly see them falling into fish tanks all the time.

You’ve probably seen our feline friends falling off couches, bookshelves, or running into glass doors. This is not the case with dogs.

Aside from learning tricks, being more obedient and less clumsy, dogs are actually proven to be as smart as 2-year-old children. Not to mention they work with the military, police department, and fire department, but more on that later in this article.




2. Dogs Help You Make New Friends

Our canine buddies actually act as catalysts for human social interactions. It has been proven that bonding over pet pooches can even enhance feelings of one’s well-being.

Taking your dog out and strolling around with him will inevitably lead to more interactions with strangers, especially with other dog lovers, which can result in real and long-term friendships.

One group of dog owners specifically can benefit greatly. Namely, if you are a single male person and happen to have a cute pooch, make sure you go out and about with your dog as often as possible as our 4-legged canine friend is quite a chick-magnet.

Go, try it out. You’ll thank us later.




3. IT Dogs

Even though they prefer lying on their backs while we pet them, it appears that dogs are now trying to keep up with new technologies.

Unlike most cats that are busy fighting with crumpled tissues and chasing non-existent stuff around the house, there some pretty tech-savvy dogs out there that are learning how to recognize and respond to written commands on an iPad.

Yup, they can read now. Commands like sit or whirly are just a few of the words they recognize, while they can also master the art of taking selfies.

True story. “City Dog”, a London-based company, offers sessions via their iDog clinic to train your pooch how to take snaps of himself by swiping his nose over the screen.

“These courses are about having fun together, developing the bond between you and your dog, and refining your training skills. Plus you will walk away with a cool party trick,” says Nicole Scott from the City Dog clinic.




4. Dogs Increase Our Activity

Although it can be rather inconvenient to wake up and get out of that warm bed at 6 AM only to let your pooch out to do his business, this can actually be quite beneficial for us and our daily routine.

You don’t always feel like walking your dog and taking him outside, especially on cold, snowy or rainy weather, but these little chores can help you become far more active, diligent and industrious.
Dogs require walks on a daily basis, which also encourages us to walk everyday and incorporate this little exercise in our daily routine.

It is particularly beneficial to older people with dogs who are then covering an average daily distance of approximately 1 mile. Not bad for the old folks and their pooches.




5. Dogs Are Real Life Heroes

A dog’s sense of smell can be rather useful and sometimes even a life saver.

Not only do they work in the military, fire department, police or guide the blind, several American universities are currently training Golden Retrievers and German Shepards to sniff out ovarian cancer.

In a new research conducted by the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS), a trained rescue dog Frankie had a staggering 90% accuracy rate at detecting cancer by simply smelling urine from people with thyroid cancer.

Our canine hero had been trained to lie down when he smelled cancer, and to simply turn away when he didn’t smell thyroid cancer in a urine sample.
A real life hero, indeed.