9 Instagram Dogs You Need To Follow

We all have Instagram guilty pleasures. Some people get on that food porn trip, others on something a little closer to actual porn… We certainly can’t deny having a little guilty love for the Beebs and the Kardashians of the world, but our favorite Insta habit is checking in to see what our favorite dog celebs are up to! Are they making new friends? Are the dressing better than us? Do they have more followers than us? The answers are yes, yes, and of course.

If you’re a dog lover, we’ve got you well covered. These little guys could turn the hardest of souls into a blob of butter.



Coco is one adorable bulldog. Her hobbies include sticking her tongue out, destroying her toys, and snuggling with her dad.



Jager pug is another dog from the world of EDM. Who knew DJs had such cute dogs? Jager likes to watch Netflix, and fuck shit up. He even graced the cover for Hardwell and Armin’s song “Off The Hook”.



A bulldog in a Bentley? Dats dat Hollywood dawg life! Miss Asia Kinney was also in a commercial for Coach. That’s right, Lady Gaga’s dog has a significantly better wardrobe than you.



Why the long face? Usually we reserve that joke for horses, but in this case it fits so well with Neville’s poised and stoic look. If only we could pull of a turtle neck as well as he does.



These dogs have over 600,000 followers?! That’s about the same number of people that live in Portland!



The striped shirts make them look even more French. All they need is a long cigarette and some stanky ass cheese!



Marnie is one of the more popular Instagram pets. He has close to 2 million followers.



Doug does a lot of traveling and has a pretty sweet feed. He’s even met Steven Tyler and Adam from Workaholics, and he’ll also kick your ass at Mario Kart.



Finishing off the list is Instagram’s best dressed dog, mensweardog. He likes to rock leather jackets, swag glasses, and boss button-up shirts.