These 30 Halloween Dog Costumes Will Put A Smile On Your Face

Dog lovers will pamper their four-legged friends beyond belief, oftentimes treating them just like one of their human children. That type of devotion to man’s best friend has led some people to create and purchase Halloween dog costumes that are just as good as human options.

From a dog dressed like a lobster in a pot, to a Great Dane that looks exactly like Scooby Doo, these Halloween dog costumes will put an immediate smile on your face.

Check out all of the dog and puppy costumes and let us know which one you love the most.


1. Lobster Dog

Lobster Dog Halloween Costume


2. Hot Dog Halloween Costume

Hotdog Halloween Costume


3. Puppy Horse Harness Racing Costume

Dog Horse Racing Halloween Costume


4. Dog Being Eaten By Crocodile Costume

Crocodile Eating Dog Halloween Costume


5. Football Pigskin Dog Costume

Dog As A Football - Halloween Costume


6. Chia Pet Dog Halloween Costume

Chia Pet Pup Costume for Halloween


7. Star Wars At-At Dog Costume

Star Wars At-At Halloween Costume


8. Dog Dressed As A Tank For Halloween

Dog Tank Costume for Halloween


9. A Simple Homemade Dog As A Skunk Costume

Dog as Skunk Halloween Costume


10. Dog Dressed As Lion For Halloween

Dog in Lion Outfit


11. Spider Dog

Spider Dog Halloween Costume


12. Batman Pup

Puppy Batman Halloween Costume


13. Scuba Diving Dog Costume

Scuba Dog Halloween Costume


14. Winnie The Pooh Dog Costume For Halloween

Dog Dressed As Winnie The Pooh - Halloween Costume


15. Yoda Dog Costume

Yoda Halloween Costume for Dogs


16. Bumblebee Dog Costume

Dog in Halloween Bumble Bee Costume


17. iPug Halloween Costume

iPug Halloween Dog Costume


18. T-Rex Dog Costume For Halloween

T-Rex Halloween Dog Costume


19. Football Player Halloween Dog Costume

Dog Football Player Halloween Costume


20. Indiana Jones Pup Halloween Costume

Indiana Jones Puppy Halloween Costume


21. Dog As A Tiger – Halloween Painted Dog Costume

Dog as a Tiger Halloween Costume


22. Dog As A Tortoise For Halloween

Dog In Tortoise Halloween Costume


23. Scooby Doo Dog Costume – Homemade Idea For Great Danes

Great Dane Scooby Doo Halloween Costume


24. Despicable Me Halloween Dog Costume

Despicable Me Halloween Costume


25. Hersey’s Kisses Halloween Dog Costume

Herseys Kisses Dog Halloween Costume


26. Starbucks Cup Halloween Dog Costume

Starbucks Dog Halloween Costume


27. Mummy Dog And His Skeleton Friend With Pumpkin

Mummy Dog Halloween Costume


28. Painted Skeleton Dog Costume For Halloween

Skeleton Dog Halloween Costume


29. Adorable Puppy Giraffe Costume For Halloween

Adorable Giraffe Puppy Halloween Costume


30. Cone Of Shame Martini Halloween Costume

Dog Costume - Martini Drink Cone Of Shame


While I don’t condone dressing up pets in costumes, I have to admit that some of these costumes were really cute and I laughed out loud.

Which Halloween dog costume is your favorite?