This Sneaky Gadget Will Make Your Dog Look Into The Camera For Photos

“We live in a selfie-driven world… and it seems the only one who didn’t get the memo are our furry little friends,” announces Jason, inventor of the Pooch Selfie.

Jason looked to the “End of the Internet” for a solution to the dogs’ wandering gaze, because not all animals are as selfie-genic as marsupials. Jason had a light bulb (well, more of a tennis ball) shoot out of his head. Harnessing dogs’ natural infatuation with tennis balls, Pooch Selfie Jason created a tennis ball that you can attach to the top of your phone, so you can selfie while they stare.



The project has been fully backed on Kickstarter, with 857 backers pledging $20,642, nearly tripling its humble $7,000 goal.



“Say fleas!”

Selfies with dogs are an optimal way to build up that Instagram like count, because people will be guaranteed to like it, whether it’s to acknowledge your cuteness or the pup’s.



Fun for all species.

And it’s not just for dogs. Apparently, it also works great on small children, impatient boyfriends, and tech-naive grandparents. Everyone loves tennis balls!